The QUILTERS meet on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM.
Together they make and provide quilts / sleeping bags which are then given to “My Brother’s Keeper Ministries” who distribute them to other mission and ministry groups in several states for those who are homeless.

Since 2017 our QUILTERS have provided the following number of quilts / sleeping bags:
2017 … 86
2018 … 83
2019 … 75
2020 … 44

Flo and Jim Wheatley started “My Brother’s Keeper Ministries” in obedience to Jesus’ instruction and challenge us to care for “the least of these” among our sisters and brothers. Since 1982, “My Brother’s Keeper Ministries” has given away hundreds of thousands of these quilt / sleeping bags, including over 200,000 here in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Among the local and nearby missions and ministries in Pennsylvania that have received these quilt / sleeping bags are:
R.E.A.C.H … St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Wilkes-Barre
Wyoming Valley Rescue Mission in Wilkes-Barre
Volunteers of America – Ruth’s Place in Wilkes-Barre
Keystone Mission in Scranton
Keystone Mission in Wilkes-Barre
Silence of Mary Home in Harrisburg
American Rescue Mission in Williamsport
St. John’s Hospice in Philadelphia
Simple Way in Philadelphia
Pentecostal Church Lion of Judah in Hanover Township

If you would like to learn or already an experienced quilter and would like to be part of  this ministry, please contact our church office for more information. Our QUILTERS would love for you to join them in this ministry and outreach.